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Event Equipment

Event Equipment | Remaining Few Productions LLC

You can have the best looking stage and lighting available, but if your event sound is lacking in quality, your guests will not have the best...

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Private Event Equipment

Private Event Equipment | Remaining Few Productions LLC

So, you want to hold an event that is invitation-only, or simply more private in nature? No problem. We can help make your event a memorable...

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Stage Rental

Stage Rental | Remaining Few Productions LLC

Stages are the foundations of most productions. Not any stage will do, however. Your stage can make or break your event. It needs...

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Welcome to Remaining Few Productions LLC

Remaining Few Productions LLC proudly offers a number of event production services to take your event in the McAllen, Texas area to the next level. No event is too small or large for our experienced experts to handle. Our wide assortment of in-house entertainment equipment makes it easy and convenient to satisfy all event needs and audience sizes.

Are you confused about what you need to hold a successful event? Leave your worries to us. Our trained personnel will work with you and/or your team to find what your staging, video, sound, lighting, and other production needs are. Then, we use our creative and technical expertise to find the perfect solution for you. Our expertise is sure to result in a budget-friendly solution that leaves a positive, lasting impression on everyone involved.

Lighting and sound play crucial roles in the success of any event. We offer area and décor lighting for smaller-scale purposes. We also specialize in stage lighting for any size event. Our experts will light up your stage with creative and memorable lighting that will leave others talking. Also consider us for those occasions when you need professional sound reinforcement and/or live video production services. Having a professional video made of your live event is the perfect way to preserve your special occasion. You can even share the video with your social media circles, websites, and other media.

Our trained experts understand the intricacies of the event production field and will work on all production aspects for you. We have a goal of developing a long-standing business relationship that easily leads to referrals. You can be assured of receiving high-quality, professional services at a price that suits your budget. Call us now to get started!

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